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InPlay and MICROSIDE present the X-NODE NanoBeacon module:
Opening the doors to an innovative era of affordable Bluetooth solutions for everyone.

Effortlessly provide Bluetooth Beacon capabilities to any microcontroller or sensor and unleash a world of innovative applications with its unique usability and advanced features.

Technology companies, InPlay Inc and MICROSIDE, are excited to introduce their flagship collaboration: the X-NODE NanoBeacon module. This revolutionary device will be at the forefront of the next generation of low-power Bluetooth beacon technology in the 2.4 GHz band, a significant step forward for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and many more.

The X-NODE NanoBeacon module has built-it powerful SMD Chip antenna for extremely small form factor designs, it also comes with a U.FL connector allowing the use of an external antenna if required by the user.  It also features easily accessible jumpers to toggle between configuration modes and test conditions.

The IN100, the core of this innovation, offers a wide range of outstanding characteristics, from its dynamic state machine robust memory architecture and advanced security features. Positioning it as a milestone in beacon technology.

Many possible scenarios and opportunities for innovation

The X-NODE NanoBeacon module is designed to work in conjunction of the XIDE platform to create IoT and I4.0 solutions in less than 24 hrs such as:

Industrial IoT: Asset tracking, Inventory management, Indoor navigation, Sensor data reporting, Security and access control.

Agriculture: Equipment tracking, Crop monitoring, Navigation and mapping, Livestock management and Quality control and traceability.

Automation: Asset location, Process automation, Predictive maintenance, Security and supply chain optimization.

Medical Applications: Patient Tracking, Body Temperature Monitoring and Hospital Navigation.

The X-NODE NanoBeacon module deploys exceptional versatility!  By adopting the MIKROE mikroBUS™ standard and Qwiic Connect, it seamlessly integrates with interfaces such as UART and the 2-wire I2C interface. Its flexibility and ease of use promises an unlimited range of possibilities, ensuring a seamless integration of Bluetooth connectivity into designs.

The collaboration between InPlay and MICROSIDE opens a horizon full of potential, where the expansive capabilities of Bluetooth Beacon technology are easily accessible to creators and industries.

The X-NODE NanoBeacon module is now available for pre-order and comes as a thoroughly tested product, ready for integration into systems with the mikroBUS™ connector.



InPlay Inc is a fabless semiconductor company whose mission is to provide highly scalable, low-latency, low-power wireless communications technologies that unlock the vast potential of the VR/AR, healthcare, and wireless industrial IoT markets. InPlay has a research and development team in Irvine, California, with operations and business development in both the United States and China. More information can be found at https://www.inplay-tech.com.



MICROSIDE is a company that provides hardware-based technology solutions as a Service (HaaS) for IoT & I4.0.